More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

An Empty Start

This is what I mean, concerning ajata (no creation), when I say that you can not start from the standpoint that there is something, you start from the standpoint that there is nothing.

So, from the standpoint of nothingness, there is not anything (yes, even the “Absolute”) that ever has come into being, when there has never been anything for such to come into being from.

Therefore, if there is truly nothing, there is not something. So if we ask, “what is being seen (material or immaterial)”, or “who is seeing it”, the answer to both questions is “not anything is being seen; not anything sees it”. Why? Because not anything can be anything other than nothingness.

What does this tell us, then, about our “life” and all that goes on “in” it?

And where there is nothing, is there even the Self (or Absolute)?

Thus, you are perfectly right when you say of Hui Neng’s statement “There is nothing from the start”: 

“My god, there’s not even such a thing as a start!"

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