More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

Ultimately Paradox

The ultimate actuality “neither is born nor dies.”

But is there anything which neither is born nor dies which can “exist”?

No. For anything which exists, there is the possibility of nonexistence. But for this there is “neither existence nor nonexistence.”

Yet, to avoid the extreme of complete nihilism, we say “this” is not a non-existent blank. It is, in fact, what appearances truly are –empty. So, we give it the name of emptiness.

Being empty of any thing, we cannot attach any concepts or ideas to it. We must perceive it outside of thought, which gives a name and identity to everything.

But it is not pure nihilism, in the sense that philosophy gives that word.  

Yet, it is beyond mental conception; it is outside of mental configuration.

But it is not an “absence”, in the negative sense.

It “exists” only to the extent that appearances–which have no reality–exist. It exists, in other words, only in what is actually nonexistent.

All “things” are appearances–and that includes us. We are not what is real. We are actually nothing. Put another way, what we will be when we “cease” to be is nothing; ultimately nothing.

You may not consider that to be a good thing. My point is that it is not a bad thing.

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