More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

No Creation

The question in ajata is, what is (ultimately) real? The premise for answering this question is summed up in the phrase the sages repeatedly give us: “no origination” (the meaning of the word ajata).

If the universe was “created,” it had a cause. If we ask, what caused that cause, there can only be infinite regression.

When we recognize that there was no cause, not any thing has ever been created. The condition in which there can be no cause is emptiness (or nothingness).

Emptiness is what we could call ultimate reality, or some would say the “ground state” or condition.

However, to us things do seem to appear. An appearance is not reality: pink elephants appear to drunks.

To whom do appearances appear?: to you. The appearances are not real, nor are you.

So there is this dream, dreamed by a dreamer who is himself not outside, or apart from, the dream.

When you wake up from a sleeping dream, do you inquire how the dream figures are doing? No, you are aware that their creation depended upon you, the dreamer.

Not any thing within the dream is ultimately real, including you. What answer do you expect to get about how it “got there”?

The realization is that not anything within the dream is ultimately real, or has true existence. It is all empty of reality.

So, what is of any importance? Nothing.

It is with this “answer” that the realized live.

No creation = no confusion.

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