More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

Why Ajata

Nonduality is, of course, advaita (“not-two”). The end point of the advaita teachings is Self-realization—enlightenment or “liberation”. This is said to present when the indvidual’s identiy is dissolved permanently into the omnipresent and unlimited Oneness (aka Self); realizing the true nature of the self.

When this presents, it is as if it was—to the individual—a miracle. It is thoroughly life changing, and in fact world-changing. So that is, primarily, why Self-realization (or advaita) is taught.

However for the Self-realized, so-called reality has taken on an entirely different cast. As a result, even advaita (or Self-realization) is no longer viewed in the way it had been. What this viewpoint represents is “not two, not even one”. Where there is not even one, there is no thing: nothingness, emptiness or void. This (expanded) perception is known as ajata (“no creation”). As the expression is put, “no creation from the start.” The meaning of this is that not any thing has ever had an origination or “come into existence”. Ajata is a recognition that opens out of advaita, or Self-realization.

I would summarize your query as “Why teach advaita when you could be teaching ajata?” I do teach ajata to those who seem to understand advaita. And I have also (after thirty years) begun writing about it.

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