More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

Asleep or Awake

“You are nothing…. You may be totally unaware of this emptiness, this nothingness, or you may simply not want to be aware of it; but it is there, do what you will to avoid it….whether you are asleep or awake, it is always there…. You and nothingness are one; you and nothingness are a joint phenomenon, not two separate processes…. When there is the discovery, the experiencing of that nothingness as you, then fear completely drops away.”– Krishnamurti

“After extensively reading Eastern and Western spiritual teachings, I thought I understood the words quite well but I wondered why I could not live the teachings, and why my life had not fundamentally changed. Recently, a deeper understanding of the teachings has significantly changed my perspective on life.

“While pondering J. Krishnamurti’s statement, ‘You are nothing’ (no thing), from his Commentaries on Living, I saw how I had been deceiving myself. For some 40 years I had been trying to understand the great spiritual writings, and going to countless dialogues of spiritual enquiry, thinking I could fundamentally change myself. My mistake was that I was subconsciously harboring a sense of myself as being a real entity…. I was unconsciously identified with a mind that could only know what was limited, yet I was using it to try to know what was unlimited. I saw the confusion in myself and others was that the very self that was so knowingly expressing itself in dialogue was in fact a structure that could never ‘know’ the truth.”

– Vern Dvorak, Ojai, California

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