More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

How It Is/n't

All creation is a product of the mind, and not of a Creator. And what is created is the idea that a mind is a reality, an existence.

The mind creates the “self”, which has a “mind”. The existence of the self and the mind depend on each other. These create reality for each other, as well as for the “world” they inhabit. All of this is fabricated, as impermanent as a mirage; not truly existing, self, mind and the world have no independent origin.

When what we think of as the self “dies”, the mind dies, the world disappears with it. There is emptiness. There was emptiness at the time the self, mind and world appeared: there is ever only emptiness; appearances themselves are empty.

What is thought of as the mind and self, cannot think of or envision its own non-existence. We think and believe the world is as “real” as the self (or that the self is as real as the world). But how real, when all can and will disappear? What can appear only as a dream, will disappear in the same way a dream disappears. If anything has been truly originated, it will not cease to remain. It’s the mind which “creates” birth and death, and its “life” in between. What is the origin of this mind? It has no origin because it does not truly exist, nor does the self which it “inhabits”; nor the world which it inhabits; nor the universe which these inhabit.

Only nothingness ever remains—and that too is a thought, an idea by the brain. Not anything truly exists outside of emptiness. Is that the truth? The truth does not exist apart from emptiness.

So, “live” this “life” knowing that you’re not, really. Make your appearance in the illusory world, as you do in your sleeping dreams. When awakened from this dream of life, all there will be is emptiness, as always; no mind, no self, no other selves, no world or universe. Nor has there ever been, beyond the appearance, which has no more reality than a dream.

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