More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

No Body, No Mind

The nondual teachings tell us if, in truth, there is but one all-inclusive actuality–generally referred to as the Absolute. There is not then a second actuality, such as a separate self.

For anyone who is Self-realized, the presumption that there is any “I” which exists as a reality is an obvious error.

For the seeker of Self-realization, the recognition that “I do not exist as the individual I give an appearance of being” is difficult enough for one to engage. But for the Self-realized, it is a matter of going beyond the “I am not the body” recognition. Where is there is no “me,” there is no “my mind.”  

As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has put it:

To remove the fears of samsara, we must remove this mind by realizing that there is no inherently existing I….In reality, worldly people do not realize emptiness at all because they are confused with respect to ultimate truth.

As Milarepa has said:

From the point of view of ultimate truth, even Buddhas do not exist….All environments and their beings, of the three worlds, have not existed from the beginning and are not produced.

Chandrakirti says:

Production is always nonexistent….Since there is no production, forms and so forth do not exist….Because the thing does not exist…it is not born (and does not perish).

Kelsang Gyatso writes:

Inherently existent production is always nonexistent…if you want to say that external objects do not truly exist, you will also have to say that mind does not truly exist either….The Buddhas have said that once we realize that external forms do not exist inherently, we will easily realize that internal mind also does not exist inherently.


So mind too is not produced.

The eyes, the visual object and the mind they generate–

All three are also false….

Just as when dreaming, so here when awake, things are false.

That mind does not exist, objects of enjoyment do not exist

And the sense powers do not exist….

For us, mind does not exist even when dreaming…

In short, the meaning you should understand is this–

Just as objects of mind do not exist, mind also does not exist….

If forms do not exist, do not hold to the existence of mind…

And that emptiness too is said to be Empty of the entity of emptiness….

The emptiness of what is called ‘emptiness’

Is said to be the emptiness of emptiness.

It was taught to overcome the mind 

That apprehends emptiness as a thing.

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