More monographs to be posted

More monographs to be posted

Supreme Truth

One of Ramana’s closest disciples wrote “that what we have heard him affirm to intimate devotees in private…as his own true experience, is only the doctrine of ajata.”

Having published books about Ramana, David Godman has written that Ramana “knew that ajata is the supreme truth.”

Ajata means “non-creation” or “no causality,” Godman explains; and ajata says, “contrary to all common sense, that creation never happened at all.” Ramana “declared on several occasions that this was his experience, and the true experience of all who have realized the Self.”

Through ajata, “one knows directly that the world never existed, or was created, except in the imagination.” This means “that the world appearance is an illusory one, and that it comes into existence as an unreal projection of the one who sees it.” As Ramana has stated, “All that you see depends on the seer. Apart from the seer, there is no seen.” The above-mentioned disciple wrote that Ramana taught “illusory appearance to be the truth that bestows the ultimate benefit.”

Ramana has pointed out that in the Bhagavad Gita, “The truth was revealed even at the start.” The very first verse of Krishna’s teaching begins, “no birth and no death, no change…” Ramana repeated this: “There is no birth or death.”

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